Saturday, February 9, 2008

old sketchbook things

I lost momentum with drawing in my sketchbook, i'm getting a bit back now but here's some old stuff i didn't get uploaded. It's good to come back to it a bit later, because you see lots more mistakes with fresh eyes (yeah, *great*, i know :P) which is a good thing in the long run.
As i continue i expect to get better at seeing with "fresh" eyes while I do the drawing, so i can correct mistakes and not just get absorbed in little things that aren't important/right.

Now looking for a neat anatomy resource for hands :)


Dawid Bleja said...

In the fifth scan, some of the faces have an impressive amount of character and/or emotion, including some of those that are drawn with few lines. I like the one in the top-left corner, the one next to that, and the one in the bottom-left corner. I also like the woman with flowing blond hair looking upwards. The one in the top-right corner looks to me like a young George W Bush, while the one in the top-left looks like Jane Lynch

Dawid Bleja said...

Oops. Not that you care, or that you should, but I gave the wrong link for Jane Lynch: