Monday, February 18, 2008

CD covers

here was a comp that just finished to design a cover for some band. I like competitions for a few reasons...
1. they give you a brief ready-made, and motivation to do it
2. you can win cool stuff
3. they often allow you to see other entries so you can see how others approached it.

and it seems they're often for things i wouldn't normally do or when i start them i find it really difficult, so it is good practice to push on and problem-solve.

i ended up putting four entries together for this one because i was working on two and not really liking either but kept developing them for good practice. Then i got a new idea so i did that and figured i might as well put them all in.

I don't expect i will win, even though i quite like 1.5 of my entries, but it was good for me to do anyway!
There's something about most of my work that just doesn't look professional and i can't really work it out - some of it is about color and quality (of images, type etc.) but yeah, it's like even if i have a concept that works and a good start, i lack the eye to really polish it, even if i do spend the time on refining. For example the cover with the cut paper text straight on and the fabric... i think it could be a really effective cover, but i don't think it fully 'works' here. Partially is about the photo - it is sharp and alright but lacks a bit of pop (but when i upped the values it became washed out or harsh) and the fabric needs to be richer and better lit. maybe that is all, dunno.

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