Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dodgy painting

I was feeling lazy and opened photoshop... not a good combination for me i've found, because i end up doing *something* but it's not inspired or fresh or anything.

anyway, listened to a song saying "hiding inside the horrible weather" and found a photo of rain. Painted this just using colors from the image which i like in principle, again, not necessarily good here but ok.
If i were doing it again, i would do a fun illustration for it because the one here is a little depressing in its look and just 'eh' overall.

nevertheless, here it is because that's what this blog is for :)

Next time : do something that isn't just a sketch... refine something to a point where i need to claim that it's a finished thing. It's too easy to hide behind the 'sketch' tag to avoid doing any real work!

1 comment:

Dawid Bleja said...

I think this looks considerably better at the thumbnail size. At full size, the thickness of the brushstroke and (presumed) speediness of the drawing comes through more. At thumbnail size, though, it's quite evocative. I actually think that the colours work really well, so don't sell yourself short on your execution here. But then again, almost everything I do uses just colours (or variations) of what's already there, so maybe my brain is wired to like those sorts of colour schemes.

Giving yourself a larger project is definitely a good idea. Especially since it's summer and you have (presumably) a fair amount of free time. If you don't do at least one large project that you really enjoy and learn from this summer, I'm sure you'll probably rue the missed opportunity come autumn, like I do every year.