Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I was doing some sketchies and developed this one a bit more. I was initially thinking of a nice streamlined, smooth kind of illustration but couldn't be bothered being disciplined so just threw lines wherever! Tried to be anatomically decent though, and i think it's not too bad (for me). The poses were a bit tricky on purpose, i am pleased to have gotten the left one semi-right. I was going to make him wet (since he's climbing out of water maybe?) but couldn't really work out how.

I like the kindof sun-bleached look with mostly white. Hoipefully gives an impression of a hot, bright day.

EDIT: Oops! forgot to do the shadows on the ground! I had it in mind to do all throughout and then got interrupted right near the end and left them. will go back into that if i can be bothered later :)

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Dawid Bleja said...

If he's climbing out of the water, he would made a bit of a mess by now, so a few small puddles and/or dark patches on the bench might do it, as could a few well placed droplets falling from his body. Also, making his hair wet and droopy (or sticking to his scalp) would help. And of course, if you could make him shiny, that would do it too, though I've no idea how you could do that.