Monday, November 8, 2010

Practicing values

One thing that's crucial to realistic painting, and just good images that pop, is a good grasp of values - being able to capture areas of light and dark properly. On a very basic level it's not too hard, but as soon as I start dealing with shadows (which are, of course, everywhere!) I lose it a bit - it's really important to really see what is there, not just what you think you see...

So I did a few practice paintings, just trying to get correct range and contrast throughout an image. I blurred each one after I finished so I didn't get distracted by the unfinished, blotchy strokes, and I could look only at the overall accuracy. I think I did ok. In the last one, I took my painting and the original photo and applied a Gradient Map which basically colorises the picture based on brightness. And mine ended up fairly accurate, which makes me happy :)

Next I'll have to try using some color, because hue/saturation/value together is what's really tricky!

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