Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another painting

I was afraid that after having one painting success i would just suck again, but i think this one is still better than my old stuff so i haven't completely regressed.

such inane subject matter... i use fashion photos a lot because they are of people, which interests me, and they are always lit well. But it is a bit boring drawing generic_girl_27 or whatever. There's something appealing about the colors and makeup and all that but overall, "eh". Admittedly I'm not doing much to move away from the fashion-y feel. I will try doing more illustrative/cartoony stuff perhaps.

I don't like the hair on this one either. I always do it last so it's when i'm starting to get bored. I almost left it completely flat-color which may have worked better, as a kind of graphic approach.
OK, i just decided to change it, so here is the new, flatter, blue-ish hair. I like it more. When you compare the two, the lighter one looks pretty washed out because there are NO really dark values. But it didn't look that washed out to me until i compared them.

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