Thursday, May 1, 2008


I liked this when I was part way through it, but i must have overworked it or taken a wrong turn or something, because i'm just not very keen on the final. Of course when i say final, that's just when i stopped working, it's not what i would consider a finished piece.
I tried hiding a lot of the layers and looking at different compositions to see if i could work out which bit i don't like, but i think it's a combination of things and i'm not going to do anything more on it.
A dangerous step is always once i start incorporating photo/texture bits into a drawing-based illustration, so for example the coins in this one don't work, i think.

In any case, I learnt a few little things doing it, and had some fun with light sources (though i can't really self-critique to see which bits are wrong).

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Dawid Bleja said...

I think the coins look ok. If they need to be improved, then perhaps the answer is that they should be more different to the hands, rather than less. Also, maybe more dynamic lighting in the hands would have been good (but maybe not). So, perhaps it would have been good to add more (and darker) shadows to counter the highlights. Alternatively, you could have amped up the highlights and had them 'flood' more areas of the hands.