Monday, March 10, 2008

Test frames

I am (probably) doing a little animation segment for a short film... it's an experimental piece that will be mostly video and stills, with a few animated scenes. The whole thing is pretty bizarre and the narrative will be have to be interpreted a lot by the viewer.
Anyway, they want me to do a 15 second scene where the two characters are sitting in a coffee shop and having tea. That's all... they just sit there. They will do stuff like take a drink, look around, whatever, but no specific actions or dialogue.

Pretty open, pretty fun :)

They gave me the background and a mockup of a frame to show kind of what they had in mind. I worked off that but also just did what i wanted to, because that's most likely to work when i try and do the full animation! I don't know how it will look with this much detail and sketchiness, whether it will just get really jumpy, because i usually keep the lines a bit cleaner - not straight or fluid, but not scribbly with the construction lines like in this one. One of my two images is a little cleaner and that takes longer, because i have to go back and get rid of some of the extra rubbish, but i suspect it will be a bit easier on the eyes.

Anyway, I've sent it to them to check what they think, and if I get the go-ahead I will do a second or two to see how that works...

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