Monday, October 22, 2007

Who's avoiding their work?

I did this as a quick, thoughtless collage painting thing. I want to try new things like colors i dont like or things that look messy/crap.

Then I played with different arrangements of hiding or transforming layers to come up with a few different results from the same layers (not adding new stuff).

2 little asides - the "first" illustration (the one i was actually working on is the bottom one, the other two are the variations).
also, you will notice i used that moon thingy i did a while ago in this - it was one of 3 or 4 images i quickly grabbed to add color/texture.


Unfortunately this looks like every teenager expressing their inner darkness with the haxx0red photoshop they downloaded. If you want an argument against illegal downloading, the 'art' these teenagers create is all you'll need. I'll be putting it up onto DeviantArt in just a moment. (no, not really).

I took a photo to show how long my hair is now and then i just mucked around with it... i like the idea of the 'displace' filter (used on mah face, but you cant really see it much under the black scribble stuff) but can't see many ways it's actually USEFUL.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Was feeling crusty after doing some uni work so thought i'd relax with a bit of enjoyable imagemaking. But then it was all coming out crap too!

this is actually just 2 photos and a paint layer blended.