Monday, October 22, 2007


Unfortunately this looks like every teenager expressing their inner darkness with the haxx0red photoshop they downloaded. If you want an argument against illegal downloading, the 'art' these teenagers create is all you'll need. I'll be putting it up onto DeviantArt in just a moment. (no, not really).

I took a photo to show how long my hair is now and then i just mucked around with it... i like the idea of the 'displace' filter (used on mah face, but you cant really see it much under the black scribble stuff) but can't see many ways it's actually USEFUL.

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Dawid Bleja said...

Personally, I don't think it's cliched enough. I mean, where's the anime? If you're going to do it in this style, then at least do a really literal and unimaginative "Seven Deadly Sins" series, like everyone else.

About the piracy thing, though, I must say I have mixed thoughts. On the one hand, I agree that piracy is unethical, and should be avoided. But on the other hand, I developed my interest in multimedia through playing around with a pirated version of Photoshop. It's so expensive that I can barely afford to buy it now, even though I'm planning on pretty much basing my entire career around it - so I definitely couldn't have ever afforded it back when graphics was just a little undeveloped hobby of mine. So, had I never had a pirate copy of it, I never would have developed such an interest in multimedia, and I never would have ended up being the loyal, legit, and, most likely, long-term Adobe customer that I am now. In other words, both me and Adobe would have lost out. The other thing is, of course, that if I was considerably wealthy, I could have afforded to buy Photoshop just to play around with it. Why should only the rich have the opportunity to develop their interest with these tools - tools that are hugely overpriced simply because Adobe wants a gigantic profit margin and has enough of a monopoly to get one?

Most teenagers produce crap - it's what teenagers do - but some of them will end up being great artists and designers in the future. So, as much as I loathe wading through oceans of clich├ęd crap at Deviantart, I am glad that so many people out there have the opportunity to artistically express themselves and start developing that part of themselves. If piracy were to completely vanish tomorrow, then there'd still be a whole lot of crap art being produced, but all of a sudden it'd only be produced by kids from the wealthier classes, or by adults who were old enough to pay for Photoshop, but were starting to hone their skills regrettably late in their life. The poor kids would find digital art much more inaccessible, and Adobe would end up having a smaller market in the long-run. So it's one big grey area for me.

Anyway, I think I'm just procrastinating. Back to work for me.