Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weird dancers

I always liked illustration thats got a distinct style. I naturally try to copy what i see, and even when i'm stylizing illustration it still ends up looking like i TRIED to be realistic and just suck :P

So i felt inspired to do something geometric-ish and very blocky.
I like the idea of this but not necessarily how i've executed it so i've saved the .psd and i may revisit it sometime.

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Dawid Bleja said...

The white and pastel mauve, against the brightly coloured background, make the dancers almost look like negative space. If anything doesn't work for me in this, it's the fact that despite this being an action scene where the dancing characters in the foregound are in mid-flight, my eye is drawn everywhere except for the characters. It's almost disconcerting, because my eye keeps flitting to the characters, but inevitably gets sucked back into the background. I think that this negative space effect also lessens the feeling of action and motion in the dancers. But maybe it's just me.