Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Skintones by Ruben

Practicing skintones from the Masters. Many liberties taken, just trying out a few concepts. Monitor calibration is screwing with my head at the moment too... things are coming out super saturated in some cases and when I compensate for it it's just getting weird... urgh! Don't know what it's looking like from the other end but just assume that it's not meant to be horrible and neon :)

Skintone sketch

A quick (20min) play around with some skintones, man they're difficult to get right! I'm experimenting with dramatic colour schemes and using neutrals and contrast colours, but it's not very intuitive for me... back to the painting board again :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Pretty pleased with how this digipaint came out - I used a different program, Sketchbook, which has some nice brushes and colour-blending simulation. Which is cool and all, but in some ways is a bit of a cheat, or at least covers up some of the colour issues I need to work on... (unless I just keep using this program!). In any case, it gave me motivation to keep working at it so that's a good thing.