Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Painting development

I've started painting a few canvases to hang in my house, as part of a general push to do some more "real" painting... i figure if I get going with these then I might get some momentum and keep painting more.

The first one is done (photo will come at some point) but I've gotten stuck with the second. I spent a few hours playing round with some ideas digitally, which is great for testing/drafting since it's quick, non-permanent and very flexible. I don't think any of them are actually what I want to do, but I enjoyed the process anyway.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Was just doodling round for a bit while I waited for something, and liked the colors that were coming together.

On the weekend I went to a children's book illustration exhibition and saw a lot of great stuff. I didn't exactly have that in mind when I did this but I guess it's along those lines. I've recently been really digging lens artifacts as well - light blooms, bokeh and all that filmic stuff. It adds a level of texture that I find appealing, and isn't something I see much in other people's art/illustration work.